"I am thrilled with the results I have gotten utilizing the 'Miller Method!  I signed up for the personalized plan and in a matter of 5 months I have lost a significant amount of fat, while simultaneously adding lean muscle. What I like best is the plan doesn't require any type of crazy diet or exercise routine. They give you a plan, you stick to it, and you get results! I have received many compliments on the change in my appearance since going in this plan! I would strongly recommend the 'Miller Method ' to anyone serious about losing fat!"


2-Visit Package

This package includes 2 visits with limited interaction in between.   The first visit is 60 minutes and includes a full assessment and discussion on goals and programming.  The second visit is 30 minutes to review progress and tweak programming as needed.  This visit occurs around the 6 week mark. There are two options for this package:

  • Nutrition only - $350 

  • Nutrition + Workouts - $550 

Meetings take place virtually and address all questions and concerns you may have.  These consults provide:

  • a customized nutrition plan with calories and macronutrient targets, as appropriate to your goals

  • as applicable, 2 months of customized workouts (only if on the $550 option)

  • meal and snack suggestions

  • supplement recommendations

  • other tips and resources to help you in your journey

Communication outside these scheduled visits is limited to 1 email per week to address questions and concerns.

This option may be appropriate for anyone who has good knowledge of nutrition, has a good relationship with food, and does not have a strong dieting history but wants accountability beyond the initial visit.

Nutrition ONLY: Sign up here
Nutrition + Exercise: Sign up here