"I want to say thanks for offering the programs and support that you do.  Coronavirus has disrupted every routine I had in place for working out.  I had put on weight over three years and was becoming quite frustrated with not being able to shed the fat but working so hard.  Through working with you, I really came to understand more clearly that meals can be enjoyable, I can have things I love and see results. Learning about macros, tracking and calorie deficits makes so much sense to me.  Our meetings are packed full of information! Such great topics!  I also appreciate your knowledge and sense of humor as you share information. In 8 weeks, I have lost 10 pounds, clothes fit better, and I feel great."


90-Day Max Coaching Package

This package includes regular visits with weekly interaction.  It's our most engaging and supportive option! 

The first visit is 60 minutes and includes a full assessment and discussion on goals and programming.  After that, we will meet every week for approximately 15 minutes to review progress and tweak programming as needed.  There is ongoing coaching and support provided via email and/or text.  There are two options for this package:

  • Nutrition only - $250 PER month for 3 months  ($750 total, paid monthly)

  • Nutrition + Workouts - $350 PER month for 3 months ($1,050 total, paid monthly)

Meetings take place virtually and address all questions and concerns you may have.  These consults provide:

  • a customized nutrition plan with calories and macronutrient targets, as appropriate to your goals

  • as applicable, a new workout customized to you provided monthly (only if on the $350/mo option)

  • meal and snack suggestions

  • supplement recommendations

  • other tips and resources to help you in your journey

Communication and support is ongoing!  

This option may be appropriate for anyone who has a strong dieting history, a poor relationship with food, has significant health issues, is eager to change their lifestyle for good, and/or wants regular accountability for maximal success.

Schedule your initial assessment by clicking the "Sign up HERE" button below. You will tell Stephanie about your selected package at that appointment.

*There is a hybrid option available with biweekly meetings. Contact us to learn more!

*Couple discounts as available.

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