Connect with an MBE Provider/Coach

There are Metabolism Based Eating Providers all over the country.  They have different skill sets.  Feel free to browse and connect with your desired provider directly.


Allison Hunt

RMR testing

Amy Stanberry

DEXA and RMR testing

Kathy Zetterberg, MS, CPT

RMR and InBody testing


Jenny Finkler

DEXA and RMR testing


Robin Steagall, RD


Kathy Draper

Jayme Gray

DEXA and RMR testing  


Annie Baumann, RD, LD

RMR and InBody testing


Julie Patula, CISSN

RMR and InBody testing

Michelle Romanaskas, RN, Pn1

RMR and InBody testing


Melissa Ambrose, MS, NASM Master CPT

RMR, DXA and VO2 Max testing 

Julie Green

RMR testing


Become an MBE Coach

If you are a qualified health professional looking to take your practice to the next level, then click below to learn more about how to become a Metabolism Based Eating Coach.

*Please note that we rebranded from the Miller Method.

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