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Women, Weights and Weight Loss

This course will help you get off the treadmill and teach you how to use weights to get the body you have always wanted while also improving strength.  In this self-paced course, you'll get:

-Education on why cardio is not ideal for weight loss

-Strategies for maximizing your metabolism

-A three-month weight training program (nutrition is not included)


Adolescent Athlete Preparation

This course addresses the most common nutritional and exercise issues facing young athletes.  In this self-paced course, you'll get:

-Education on exercise training adaptation to both endurance and strength/power sports

-Education on sports nutrition concepts

-Meal planning and snacking guidelines

-Nutrient timing, hydration and supplement guidelines


E-Books and Webinars

Check out these e-Books and pre-recorded webinars to enhance your knowledge on various topics!

MBE Guide to Plant Based Eating

Thinking about switching to plant-based eating but don't know where to start?  Or do you already eat plant based but want to maximize your nutritional intake?  In this e-Book, we break down everything you need to know including:

-The benefits and challenges of plant-based eating

-How to consume adequate protein

-How to transition to a plant-based lifestyle

Upon purchase, the e-book will be delivered immediately via email.


Body Composition: What it is and Why you should care

Rather than focusing on body weight, shift your focus to your body composition.  You'll improve your health and physical fitness when your body composition is optimized.  In this e-Book, you'll learn:

-What is the body composition

-Why the quest for muscle has the most significant impact on the body composition and metabolism

-How the body adapts to both cardio and strength training

-A sample workout

Upon purchase, the e-book will be delivered immediately via email.


Key 3 webinar

Three things you must do for successful weight loss.  They are more simple than you think!  In this hour long webinar, you'll learn from Todd and Steph about the 3 Keys for weight loss.

Upon purchase, the full webinar recording will be available in your library.  You must be logged in to access it.


Miller Method Episode 18

Fat Tank, Sugar Tank

Facebook Live 8/14/17

We Review "What the Health"

Miller Method Episode 4

Weight Training or Cardio for Fat Loss

Facebook Live 3/18/19

The "best" sources of protein

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