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Fast loss is not fat loss.

Welcome to a different kind of nutrition program that is centered around your unique metabolism. That's what customized nutrition is all about! We combine body composition and metabolism optimization to help you improve your health, manage your weight sustainably, and improve athletic performance. Our program is simple: You will receive a nutrition and exercise plan that helps you lose fat and gain muscle at the same time. As you drop fat and increase muscle mass, you will improve health markers, gain strength and increase endurance. Stick to the plan, and you’ll never diet or worry about food another day in your life.

"What I really love about Metabolism Based Eating is the macros and understanding what's in my food. Once you know that, it's not about restricting what you're eating anymore, it's about managing what you're eating."


Long-term weight management programs for long-term success

The Metabolism Based Eating (MBE) approach to weight loss is not your mom’s diet plan. We focus on body composition and metabolism optimization to improve your health over the long-term. Body composition is about fat loss, not weight loss. Standard diet plans that emphasize quick weight loss manipulate body water. We provide you with a diet and exercise plan that promotes true fat loss and muscle gain. Fat loss has the greatest impact on health markers. Losing just two or three pounds of fat can result in a big drop in your cholesterol, better glucose control, and reduced inflammation. Metabolism optimization ensures your metabolism is working well so you can lose fat. If your metabolism is damaged (due to poor thyroid function, a sedentary lifestyle, yo-yo dieting, undereating or low muscle mass), you may find losing weight to be difficult, or seemingly impossible.

We also have a lot of experience working with athletes of all ages and levels. MBE is focused on customized nutrition so that it yields effective results. Nutrition is over overlooked as a focus for those interested in boosting exercise performance. Many people turn to training and supplements first. However, meal balance and nutrient timing are the foundation for any athlete. If you are looking to optimize your athletic performance, then we can help.

Your options to work with us are below, including information on how to become an MBE coach.

Pay As You Go

A "pay as you go" service option for nutrition and/or exercise with no coaching or interaction outside of our visits together.

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A mid-range service option for nutrition and/or exercise that includes 3 virtual consults and limited interaction through email.

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Intervention Pyramid Tiers

Our highest service level option for nutrition and/or exercise that includes weekly and biweekly virtual consults with ongoing coaching and support. 

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How the Packages Compare

Each service package offers various levels of interaction and intervention. Explore the comparison chart below to see which package will best fit your needs.

Become an MBE Coach

If you are a qualified health professional looking to take your practice to the next level, then click below to learn more about how to become a Metabolism Based Eating Coach.


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