"I chose to work with Stephanie and Todd​ after becoming fed up with people telling me that (1) weight loss was a matter of cutting your calories dramatically, avoiding carbs altogether, and doing hours of cardio; and that (2) you cannot gain muscle while you are trying to cut fat. I knew what my goals were and I knew I wanted a sustainable long term plan for success in fitness when I heard about Stephanie and Todd. Since working with them, I have been able to progress in reaching my goals and have also learned the healthy day-to-day skills that kept me on track when my life threw its most unexpected moments at me. I have been with Todd and Stephanie for over a year and could not be happier with them or with my decision to work with them. I have highly recommended them to many people and will continue to do so."


Pay as you Go

This is a pay as you go option with the least interaction.  You have two consult options:

  • 60 minutes is $165 

  • 30 minutes is $115 

Meetings take place virtually and address all questions and concerns you may have.  If we are meeting for the first time, then you would receive:

  • a customized nutrition plan with calories and macronutrient targets, as appropriate to your goals

  • meal and snack suggestions

  • supplement recommendations

  • other tips and resources to help you in your journey

We can meet as often as you need.  There is no limit.  

What's not included is interaction outside of these consults.  There is no email/text support.  All questions and concerns must be addressed in a paid consult.

This option may be appropriate for anyone who has good knowledge of nutrition, has a good relationship with food, and does not have a strong dieting history.

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