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Metabolic Adaptation Part II: Cardio, Weight Training and Fat Loss

In part one of our blog on Metabolic Adaptation, we established that the speed at which one loses weight is largely determined by the size of one’s daily caloric deficit.  How that deficit is created is a function of how much we eat (calories in), coupled with how much we move (calories out).  Conventional approaches to weight loss typically marry a reduced calorie diet with an exercise program that is most often grounded in some type of aerobic exercise.  Indeed, the American College of Sports Medicine recommends >150 minutes of moderate intensity exercise per week, coupled with a reduced calorie intake in order to enjoy clinically significant weight loss (1).  The reason aerobic exercise is generally favored over weight training is based on the simple fact that aerobic exercise burns more calories per unit of time than weight training, and weight loss requires a caloric deficit.  It stands to reason then that exercises that burn the most calories,...

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